2023 - 2024 Transfer Application: Frequently Asked Questions



Do you take transfer applications all year?
  • Yes, we accept and place new transfers all year, as long as there is space available and the student is eligible with all board policies.
When will the 2023-2024 transfer application be available?
  • 2023-2024 transfer applications will be available on our website on April 24, 2023.
When will RFISD start accepting 2023-2024 transfer applications?
  • District office will start accepting new applications for the upcoming school year on May 3, 2023 at 8am on the first day via email or by fax, after the first day they can be dropped off at the front office at the district office.
Who is eligible?
  • A student may apply for a transfer in kindergarten–grade 12 under these provisions. If granted, a transfer shall be for one regular school year at a time, on a tuition-free basis, unless the Revocation of Transfer provisions of this policy should apply
  • Subject to availability of space and other individualized factors addressed in this policy, a student whose parent belongs to one of the categories below may request to the Superintendent or designee admission into District schools, under the established transfer policies, by filing an application for transfer each school year. Requests for transfers shall be considered in accordance with administrative regulations and District policy, including state and/or District class size restrictions.
The following factors shall be considered:
  • Whether the student's parent is on active military duty. National Guard and Reserve military members shall be considered to be serving on active military duty only if called to active military duty by the President of the United States.
  • Whether the student has been in continuous enrollment in the District.
  • Whether the student's parent is an employee of the District or is employed on federal property.
  • Whether the student's parent has been retired from active military duty.
  • The student's disciplinary and attendance history. No application shall be approved if the applicant has been placed in a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) or has been expelled by any other school district at any time during the two years immediately preceding the transfer application.
  • The availability of space in the District. No transfer request shall be approved if the transfer would require the District to employ additional staff.