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A Message from Our Transportation Director

Starting on Monday,September 27th, we will swap the order in which we drop-off students coming from the Youth Center in the morning.  We will have 2 buses (Bus #1 and Bus #2) depart the Secondary Campus for the Youth Center around 7:05 am to arrive at the Youth Center at around 7:15 am.  They will then load up Elementary students and should arrive at the Elementary at around 7:25am.  After unloading at the Elementary, Bus #1 will go back to the Youth Center to load up the few Middle School students and then head back to the Secondary Campus to arrive in front of the Fine Arts building at around 7:40am. Bus #2 will proceed to run the Middle School F Street route after dropping off at the Elementary. This will change the arrival times for the two stops along F Street in Bus #2 (Middle School) to 7:35 am for the 1st stop and 7:37 for the second stop. It should arrive at the Secondary Campus at around 7:45 am. This is being done to provide more time for the Elementary students to have breakfast before the bell rings.

Brandon Casey
Director of Transportation
Phone: 210.357.2300