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Randolph Field Independent School District

Welcome to RFISD

The purpose of education at Randolph Field ISD is: 

To prepare individuals to be continual learners who are successful, productive, responsible citizens. 
To achieve this purpose, students will access and process information, solve problems, and communicate, working as individuals and as team members, using technology to facilitate learning. 


Below is the COVID-19 weekly infection rate for the week ending January 21, 2022.
District Wide - 0.038 or 3.8%
Elementary Campus - 0.05 or 5%
Secondary Campus - 0.026 or 2.6% 

RFISD Safety Protocol Update: January 4, 2022 

Welcome back from break! RFISD hopes everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable time and is excited about the New Year.  School resumes Wednesday 1/5/2022.   We would like to pass along some important information about our continual monitoring of the COVID 19 situation. 
With the beginning of the spring semester, we are updating our health guidelines.  In order to mirror the quarantine requirements on the base, we will ask students who live in the same household with a COVID positive individual or are COVID positive themselves not return to school until after five days (from symptom onset or confirmed lab test) and have no symptoms (fever free). Additionally, we are recommending students who have been COVID positive and that return after day five wear a mask at school for five additional days.
We also continue to emphasize proper hygiene including frequent changing of masks for those who wear them, frequent hand washing, and coughing or sneezing into an elbow or facial tissue.  Additionally, RFISD will continue to inform families about COVID 19 positivity rates within the schools by sending a weekly notice that will include our district and campus infection rates. 
We are continually monitoring the COVID 19 situation including the spread of the Delta and Omicron variants.  Our health team will continue frequent meetings and our custodial staff will maintain heightened cleaning protocols.  We will update our community of any serious developments. 

Impact Aid Survey Form 

This year we are using DocuSign services for each Impact Aid parent survey form. DocuSign will email the form directly to one parent to review and sign. The email will come from The form will be completely filled out in advance for you. We ask that you review the form and if you have any changes that need to be made, please contact the person listed on the email. It will either be Brooke Justice ( or Cheryl Witherell ( We must have a form filled out for each individual student registered here at RFISD, per U.S. Department of Education guidelines. DocuSign will return the forms back to us and will send you a copy for your records.