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Randolph Field Independent School District

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Steering Committee

 What is the REACH Grant Steering Committee?

As the name suggests, the REACH Grant Steering Committee will help to steer our project through from start to finish. It is made up of representatives that are partners in the project, and/or who have particular expertise to lend to the project, and/or whose students or staff would benefit from the outcomes of the project.


The REACH Grant Steering Committee is intended to provide support, guidance and oversight of the project. The RGSC members will try to:

  • Understand the aim, strategy, and intended outcomes of the project;
  • Be genuinely interested in the project and the intended outcomes;
  • Be an advocate for the project by doing what they can to promote its initiatives.

In practice, this means they:

  • Consider ideas and issues raised;
  • Ensure the strategy that is planned matches the aim of the project;
  • Foster positive communication outside of the committee regarding the project’s initiatives, progress and outcomes;
  • Actively promote the project in general.

REACH Grant Steering Committee Members


  • Amanda Bauer, Associate Principal 
  • Susan Bendele, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability 
  • Karen Bessette, Grant External Evaluator
  • Amy Byrd, RES Teacher
  • Mariefe Cahanding, PTO President, ES/MS Parent Representative
  • Merrie Fox, RMS Principal
  • Simone Galeana, RHS Counselor, ES Parent Representative
  • David Gibbs, RES Counselor
  • Angela Green, School Liason Officer
  • Linda Heier, Grant Project Director
  • Suzie Nolan, RHS Teacher, Parent Representative
  • Regina Simogey, ES Parent Representative
  • Arnette Scharf, RMS Counselor,  Parent Representative
  • Karla Yen, RMS Teacher