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Employee Benefits



Thanks to First Financial you can now review ALL insurance options on the same website.  Please follow this link to review and enroll for next school year benefits beginning July 27th from the comfort of your own home. Simply click on the benefits you’re considering under the 2021-2022 PLAN YEAR BENEFITS list on the left-side of the page and review all of your options before making changes.  As in years past you will still have the option to speak with our FF account manager Thomas Marroquin via phone or email.  His information is listed under contacts at the top of the webpage.


TRS Active-Care changed providers to Blue Cross BlueShield of Texas which has opened up a bigger network of providers and enabled TRS to add lower cost plan.  The cost of each plan per pay periods are listed on the Medical benefits link under PLAN YEAR BENEFITS. Employees enrolled in the Select Plan will now be enrolled in Primary Care+ plan and a lower cost Primary plan has been added.  Both Primary and Primary+ plans require you to choose a primary care physician when you enroll and will not cover services provided by other physicians.  Links to the BCBS provider search page are listed under each plan heading along with other helpful ActiveCare links. Please verify that your current physician or a physician that you would choose as your primary care physician is on the provider list before you change coverage.

For information on personal retirement account options please see the information below.