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Gifted and Talented Program Overview

Randolph Field ISD Gifted and Services Classroom Overview

The Randolph Field ISD Programs for Gifted and Talented (GT) students provide instructional opportunities and other services designed to meet the unique needs of students with significantly advanced general intellectual ability and/or specific subject matter aptitude in language arts, science, social studies and/or mathematics. These programs shall provide an appropriately differentiated curriculum and ensure the students are instructed in all essential elements and demonstrate an acceptable degree of mastery. As needed, the services will modify the delivery of instruction for students by accelerating and/or providing for greater depth, more complex content, and enrichment activities. GT classes and/or services are available in kindergarten-12th grades. Teachers serving identified GT students have met the state requirements necessary for assignment of gifted and talented students.
Teachers will refer students through Eduphoria Formspace

Gifted and Talented Services Goal

The general goal of gifted and talented services is to provide a differentiated educational experience for gifted and talented students in the district.

Gifted and Talented Services Objectives
• Identify students in kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12) to be served in Gifted and Talented Programs.

• Identify the abilities and needs of each gifted and talented student to provide appropriate services.

• Implement evaluation procedures to assess student progress/performance in services and to evaluate procedures for effective services, service continuation, service refinement, and service expansion.

• Develop and/or identify appropriate curricula, instruction, and materials to support services and student goals.

• Provide trained professionals, teachers, administrators, and counselors on each campus with knowledge and skills necessary to provide services for gifted and talented students and implement services for identified students.

• Involve parents and community members in the implementation of gifted and talented services.
Gifted and Talented State Plan
Randolph Field ISD Gifted & Talented Plan
Parent Newsletters
GT Parent Committee Meeting
Next meeting is Thursday, January 5, 2023 at Randolph Elementary School at 2:00 p.m. in the Taj Meeting room.